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Mental Health Strategies and Plans

This section contains ‘stand alone’ mental health strategies and plans, as well as general health and disability strategies and plans, where these have integrated mental health issues in a substantial way.  The absence of ‘stand alone’ mental health strategies/plans, or the absence of general health or disability strategies/plans covering mental health in a substantial way, does not mean that mental health is not at all covered in a country’s general health or disability strategies/plans.

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Mental Health Service System Development Strategy Project for the Northern Territory

Department of Health and Community Services, Northern Territory Government; Australia (2003)

Australia » Northern Territory

Estrategias de Salud Mental en Cuba (Strategies for Mental Health in Cuba)

Ministry of Public Health; Republic of Cuba (2003)


Promoting Mental Health: Strategy & Action Plan 2003-2008

Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (2003)

United Kingdom » Northern Ireland

California Mental Health Master Plan: A Vision for California

California Mental Health Planning Council (2003)

United States » California

Стратегију Развоја Заштите Менталног Здравља (Strategy of Mental Health Care)

Министарство здравља оф (Ministry of Health); Republic of Serbia (2003)


Strategic Directions for Nova Scotia’s Mental Health System

Department of Health and Wellness; Government of Nova Scotia (2003)

Canada » Nova Scotia


Министарство здравља Србије (Ministry of Health); Републис Србије (Republic of Serbia) (2003)


Програма fof здравствена заштита на ментално болни Персона 2013 (Program of Health Protection of Mentally Ill Persons 2013)

Министерство за здравство (Ministry of Health); Поранешна Југословенска Република Македонија (The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) (2003)

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

中国精神卫生工作规划2002-2010 (National Project on Mental Health 2002-2010)

Ministry of Health, China; Ministry of Civil Affairs, China; Ministry of Public Security, China; China Disabled Persons' Federation (2002)


Red de Atención en Salud Mental - Plan Estratégico para su Reordenamiento (Network of Care in Mental Health - Strategic plan for Restructure)

Secretaria de Estado de Salud público y Asistencia Social; SESPAS Dirección General de Salud Mental; Dominican Republic (2001)

Dominican Republic

Plan Estrategico de Salud Mental (Mental Health Strategic Plan)

Consejo Nacional de Salud Mental; El Salvador (2001)

El Salvador

National Mental Health Policy

Department of Health and Social Welfare; Indonesia (2001)

Indonesia, Mental Health Policies

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