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Planului national antisaracie si promovare a incluziunii sociale (National Plan for poverty alleviation and social inclusion)

Romania Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity; Ministry of Public Finance Country Resources Development and Poverty Strategies Romania 31 July 2002 Policy document discrimination, Social Inclusion, social security

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PNAinc este conceput a avea urmatoarele functii:
- un instrument de constientizare colectiva a problemelor societatii romanesti si a directiilor constructiei sociale, al dezvoltarii culturii actiunii antisaracie si de promovare a unei societati incluzive;
- promovarea unui concept articulat de politica sociala, cristalizat intr-un numar de principii fundamentale;
- un plan de actiune globala, multisectoriala (pe principalele sectoare ale vietii sociale) si multinivelara (nivel national, judetean, local) de prevenire/absorbtie a saraciei si excluziunii sociale si de promovare a incluziunii sociale.
PNAinc este conceput ca un instrument de actiune globala, care sa stimuleze articularea planurilor de actiune sectoriale si locale;
- ofera un cadru de referinta pentru implantarea in intreaga activitate publica a obiectivului dezvoltarii unei societati prospere si incluzive;
- un instrument de monitorizare a eforturilor guvernamentale de prevenire/absorbtie a saraciei si de promovare a incluziunii sociale.

PNAinc is designed to have the following functions:
- A tool for collective awareness of the problems of the Romanian society and directions of social construction, the development of action against poverty and the promotion of an inclusive society;
- Promoting an articulated social policy, crystallized in a number fundamental principles;
- A global action plan, multisectoral (the main sectors of social life) and multi-level (national, regional, local) prevention of poverty and social exclusion and promotion of social inclusion.
PNAinc is designed as a tool for global action to stimulate articulation between local and sectoral action plans;
- Provides a frame of reference for the implementation of public activities with the objective of developing a prosperous and inclusive society;
- A tool for monitoring government efforts to prevent poverty and promote social inclusion.


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