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년로자보호법 (Act on the Protection of Elderly Persons)

Government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Country Resources Older Persons General Policies, Laws, Strategies & Plans and service standards Democratic People's Republic of Korea 21 August 2007 Legislation/regulation elderly care, health promotion, social security

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조선민주주의인민공화국 년로자보호법은 년로자보호사업에서 제도와 질서를 엄격히 세워 년로자의 권리와 리익을 보장하며 그들이 정신육체적으로 더욱 건강하여 보람있고 행복하게 살도록 하는데 이바지한다. 본 법은 총 6장 47조로 구성되어있다. 본 법률의 6장은 다음의 주제들로 구성되어있다: 1) 년로자보호법의 기본; 2) 년로자의 부양; 3) 년로자의 건강보장; 4) 년로자의 문화정서생활; 5) 년로자의 사회활동; 6) 년로자보호사업에 대한 지도통제.

The Act on the Protection of the Elderly aims to establish rigorous systems and order in elderly protection projects, thereby ensuring the rights and benefits of elderly persons, and helping them live healthy, rewarding, and happy lives by ensuring their mental and physical health. This Act consists of 6 chapters as 47 articles. The chapters include: 1) Fundamental Principles of the Act; 2) Support for Elderly Persons; 3) Guarantee of Health for Elderly Persons; 4) Cultural Activities for Elderly Persons; 5) Social Activities of Elderly Persons; 6) Guidance and Control of Elderly Protection Projects.

Enacted on: 26 April, 2007

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