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National Health Policy 2007

Republic of Ghana Ministry of Health, Ghana Country Resources General Health Policies Ghana 1 January 2007 Policy document policy, public health

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The National Health Policy has been designed within the context of Ghana’s vision of achieving middle income status by 2015. It places health at the centre of socio-economic development and presents a clear shift in the role of health in the national and international development framework. This is based on the recognition that health is not only a human right issue, but also a key driver of development, and ultimately of wealth creation.

The theme of the Health Policy is “Creating Wealth through Health”. This conceptualization is not new. Linkages between poverty and health have been amply demonstrated in the Millennium Declaration, the Ghana Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy, The Ghana Macroeconomics and Health Initiative (GMHI) Report 2005 and the various health sector policies and strategies. What
is being brought to bear in this policy is a renewed emphasis on:

1. The significant benefits that this country stands to derive from greater investments in health and nutrition.
2. The critical role that healthy lifestyles, a health-enhancing environment, a vibrant health industry and other sectors beyond health care services play in improving health and socio-economic development.


National Health Policy 2007
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