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National Sustainable Development Strategy 2005-2025 (As Revised 2009)

Republic of Nauru Country Resources Development and Poverty Strategies Nauru October 2009 Policy document development, millennium development goal

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Long-term Goals

a) Stable, trustworthy, fiscally responsible government
b) Provision of enhanced social, infrastructure and utilities services
c) Development of an economy based on multiple sources of revenue
d) Rehabilitation of mined out lands for livelihood sustainability
e) Development of domestic food production

The 2009 NSDS is revised in the following ways:

 The Long Term Goals are stated without the sub components to make it clear that
achievement of the Long Term Goals will lead to achievement of the Vision for Nauru.

 The “Strategies”, which follow the Long Term Goals, have now been replaced with a list of
Sector Goals with only one Goal per sector. Achieving the Sector Goals will lead to the
achievement of the Long Term Goals.

 The Sector Goals are repeated in Part VI covering Sector Goals, Strategies and Milestones.
For each Sector goal, there are a number of Strategies, which if achieved, will lead to
achievement of the Sector Goal. Milestones indicate the progress towards the Strategies.

 The Short Term Plan has been changed to a list of the Major Priorities that need to be
pursued over the Short to Medium term. The Major Priorities are drawn from the Sector
Goals, Strategies and Milestones matrix.

 To measure overall progress towards the outcomes described in the Sector Goals, a small set
of Key Performance Indicators have been added.

 “NSDS priorities” section. Community consultations were conducted during the 2009
NSDS review process. Extensive community consultations were also conducted during the
preparation of the NSDS in 2005 and these were summarized in the “NSDS Priorities”
section. This section has been renamed as Community Consultations and has been updated
to take account of community concerns raised during the review. These concerns, as
appropriate, have been included in the Sector Strategies and Milestones.


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