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Dementia Plan 2015 (Norway)

Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services (2007)

Norway, Neurological disorders including dementia

Plan de Développement Secteur Santé 2007-2011 (Health Sector Development Plan 2007-2011)

Republic of Madagascar; Ministry of Health, Family Planning and Social Protection (2007)

Madagascar, General Health Strategies and Plans

The Gambia Mental Health Strategic Plan 2007-2012

Department of State for Health; Republic of The Gambia (2007)

Gambia, Mental Health Strategies and Plans

Il Piano Nazionale Giovani (National Youth Plan)

Italy; Il Ministero per le Politiche Giovanili e le Attività Sportive (The Ministry for Youth and Sports) (2007)

Italy, Child and Youth General Policies, Laws, Strategies & Plans, Service Standards

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