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Estratégia de combate à pobreza (Poverty reduction strategy)

Government of National Unity and Reconciliation; Angola (2005)

Angola, Development and Poverty Strategies

Health Policy of 2005

Bureau of Policy and Strategy, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand (2005)

Thailand, General Health Policies

Lei nº 10/2004 (Law 10/2004)

National Parliament; Timor Leste (2004)

Timor Leste, General Health Legislation

Programme Nationale de Santé Publique 2003-2012 (Public Health National Programme 2003-2012)

Direction générale de la santé publique du ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux; Government of Quebec (2003)

Canada » Quebec, General Health Strategies and Plans

White Paper on Health Sector Development and Reform

Ministry of Health and Quality of Life; Republic of Mauritius (2002)

Mauritius, General Health Strategies and Plans

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