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Country Resources: Bangladesh

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Integration of Mental Health Services with Primary Health Care in Bangladesh

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; National Institute of Menal Health (2011)

Bangladesh, Mental Health Strategies and Plans

National Policy on Older Person

Bangladesh Association for the Aged & Institute of Geriatric Medicine (2010)

Bangladesh, Older Persons General Policies, Laws, Strategies & Plans and service standards

National Human Rights Commission Act

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; Republic of Bangladesh (2009)

Bangladesh, Human Rights Legislation

National Strategy for Accelerated Poverty Reduction

General Economics Division - Planning Commission; Republic of Bangladdesh (2009)

Bangladesh, Development and Poverty Strategies

WHO-AIMS Report on Mental Health System in Bangladesh

WHO and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2006)

Bangladesh, WHO-AIMS Country Reports

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