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Bolivia (Plurinational State of): Child and Youth General Policies, Laws, Strategies & Plans, Service Standards

This section contains general policies, plans, laws and service standards around children and youth.  By general we mean a policies, plans, law or service standards which cover more than two or three big areas or domains, for example a child policy, plan or law that covers education, health, protection, human rights etc.
This section does not include child or youth policies, plans and laws which are focused on one specific area/domain (eg. education, child justice, on violence against children, on sexual exploitation of children etc.).
This section does however include child or youth policies, plans and laws related to child protection.

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Ley de la juventud (Youth Act)

Legislative Assembly; Plurinational State of Bolivia (2013)

Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Child Rights Legislation

Plan Nacional de Juventudes: “Jóvenes unidos/as por el cambio” 2008-2012 (National Plan for Youth: "Youth United for change" 2008-2012)

Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Health and Sports; Ministry of Planning and Development; Ministry of Education and Culture; Ministry of Labour; Bolivia (2008)

Bolivia (Plurinational State of), disability

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