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Civilprocesa likums (Civil Procedure Law)

the Parliament of Latvia; the Republic of Latvia (1998)

Latvia, Capacity related legislation

Human Rights Act 1998

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (1998)

United Kingdom, Human Rights Legislation

Human Rights Act 1998

Her Majesty's Government; British Government (1998)

United Kingdom, Human Rights Legislation

Kushtetua e Republikes Seshqiperise (Constitution of the Republic of Albania)

Parliament of Albania; Republika e Shqipërisë (Republic of Albania) (1998)

Albania, Constitutions

Lei no. 31/98 (Act no. 31/98)

Portugal; Government of Portugal (1998)

Portugal, disability, Disability Legislation

Constitution du Luxemborg (Constitution of Luxembourg)

State Ministry; Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (1998)

Luxembourg, Constitutions

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