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Country Resources: United Kingdom - Anguilla

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National Nursing Policy for Anguilla

Ministry of Health and Social Development; Anguilla (2013)

Anguilla, General Health Policies

WHO-AIMS Report- Anguilla

WHO, Ministry of Health Anguilla; WHO (2009)

Anguilla, WHO-AIMS Country Reports

National Strategic Health Plan 2009-2014

Ministry of Health and Social Development; Government of Anguilla (2009)

Anguilla, General Health Strategies and Plans

Patients' rights and responsibilities

Health Authority of Anguilla; Anguilla (2008)

Anguilla, General Health Legislation

Dependent Adults Act

Government of Anguilla; Anguilla (2006)

Anguilla, Capacity related legislation

Mental Health Act

The Attorney General’s Chambers; Anguilla (2006)

Anguilla, Mental Health Legislation, Regulations and Implementation Guides


Legislature of Anguilla; Government of Anguilla (1982)

Anguilla, Constitutions

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