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Suicide Prevention

This section contains ‘stand alone’ suicide prevention policies, plans, strategies, laws and service standards and evaluations.  It does not contain general health, disability or other policies, plans, strategies and laws which include a suicide prevention component within them.

The absence of ‘stand alone’ suicide prevention document does not mean that this issue is not covered in a country’s general health, disability or other policy, plan, strategy or law.

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Valuing Young Lives- Evaluation of the National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy

Australian Institute of Family Studies; Australia (2000)


Quebec's Strategy for Preventing Suicide

Government of Quebec; Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (1998)

Canada » Quebec

Suicide Prevention Task Force Report 1997: Executive Summary

Department of Health, Victorian Government; Australia (1997)

Australia » Victoria

National Policy and Action Plan on Prevention of Suicide 1997

The presidential committee on prevention of suicide (1996)

Sri Lanka

Support in Suicidal Crises: The Swedish National Programme to Develop Suicide Prevention

Government of Sweden; The National Council for Suicide Prevention (1995)


Oklahoma State Youth Suicide Prevention Plan

Oklahoma State Department of Health, Government of Oklahoma; United States

United States » Oklahoma

South Australian Suicide Prevention Strategy: 2012-2016 - Every life is worth living

Government of South Australia; Department for Health and Ageing, Office of the Chief Psychiatrist and Policy

Australia » South Australia

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