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National strategi for psykiatri (National Strategy for Psychiatry)

Sundhedsstyrelsen (National Board of Health) Country Resources Mental Health Strategies and Plans Denmark 31 August 2009 Policy document 978-87-7676-970-3 advocacy, autonomy, child and adolescent mental health, competency, depression, early intervention, health promotion, health system, inpatient, mental health care, mental health promotion, mental health resources, outpatient, prevention, quality care, service standards, Social Inclusion, social services, stigma

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A strategy from the National Board of Health intends to provide a professional background for the development of psychiatry taking place over the coming years both in the regions and at the state level. The National Board of Health introduces six themes aiming to contribute to the quality development in psychiatry:

It should be easier to be mentally ill. The psychiatric field should be perceived as an integrated part of the healthcare sector akin to the somatic areas. Stigmatization of mental illness should be fought by increasing knowledge and ensuring open-mindedness.

It should be easier to get early help. Improving mental health status and prevention of mental illnesses should be an area of prioritization for the healthcare sector as a whole (both in the municipalities, the primary and secondary healthcare sector).

It should be easier to receive the proper offers. There should be an increased specialization in the treatments offered to patients with mental illnesses.

It should be easier to be a psychiatric patient. It should be prioritized that patients experience continuity of care including the process of recovery and rehabilitation.

It should be easier to work in the psychiatric sector. Recruitment will be improved by ensuring good working conditions, a good working environment, education and that the members of staff get the experience of doing a meaningful and respectful effort

It should be easier to acquire and use new knowledge. In order to evaluate quality there is a need for documentation in the psychiatric sector.

Overall the National strategy for psychiatry focuses on the healthcare sector. However, they acknowledge the importance of the efforts in the social sector, efforts in culture and education as well as on the labor market. Cooperation across sectors is important for giving the patients the best opportunities for a good life.


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