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Narodowego Programu Ochrony Zdrowia Psychicznego (National Mental Health Programme)

Government of Poland; Ministry of Health Country Resources Mental Health Strategies and Plans Poland 18 February 2011 Policy document alcohol, mental health promotion, suicide

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On the 28th of December 2010 the Council of Ministers decided to establish a National Mental Health Programme, which will be implemented in 2011-2015.

It is the first national program devoted to this subject and the principal objectives of the program are to promote mental health and prevent mental disorders, and to ensure access to health care and other forms of support and assistance. There is also a section on the development of research and information systems required for effective prevention of mental disorders. Another priority under the programme is the modernisation of mental healthcare, based on the assumptions of the model environmental and consisting of:

1. Transformation of large psychiatric hospitals in specialized units.

2. Development of psychiatry in general hospitals

3. Increasing the proportion of community-acquired forms of health care in psychiatric rehabilitation

Ministry of Health gives priority to actions in the following areas:

1. Prevention

2. Depressive Disorders

3. Suicide

4. Geriatric disorders associated with aging

5. Alcohol Use Disorders

6. Chronic, recurrent disease

Council of Ministers on the National Mental Health Programme was published in the Official Gazette No. 24 item. 128 of 3 February 2011 and entered into force after 14 days from the date of announcement (on 18 February 2011).


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