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Plani i Veprimit për fëmijën dhe Shëndetin e Adoleshentëve (Action Plan for Child and Adolescent Health)

Rebublic of Albania Ministeris E Shendetesise (Ministry of Health) Country Resources Child and Youth General Health Policies, Laws, Strategies & Plans, Service Standards Albania 2009 Policy document child and adolescent, plan, strategy

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A comprehensive action plan between 2009 - 2015 focusing on the child and adolescent populations.

Child 2009-2015 action plan includes;

- Essentials of health care
- Managing underweight and pre term infants
- Establishing a national health system for monitoring and evaluating health services for mothers and newborn infants
- Ensuring health institutions provide contemporary care in the areas of successful breast feeding
- Preventing malnutrition and micronutrient deficit in early childhood, infections related to food and nutrition, accidents, traumas and injuries at the home, family and community settings, child abuse and neglect, substance abuse, alcohol and drugs in children and youths
- Prevention of overweight and obesity, infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, infant mortality related to water and hygiene
- Sensitizing communities to protect child against environmental threats
- Providing education regarding assessing impact of environment on the child health
- Promotion of policies to protect child health, psychological development and mental health
- Early detection and management of developmental problems in children,

Adolescent 2009 - 2015
- Promotion of adolescent health and well being
- Preventing unwanted pregnancies and support for adolescent mothers, HIV/AIDS, over weight and obesity, substance use, drugs, alcohol and smoking
- Encourage families and communities to support adolescent health needs
- Ensuring support for adolescents with chronic disease and disabilities


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