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Supported Residential Facilities Act 1992

Australia Government of South Australia Country Resources General Health Legislation South Australia 1 January 2012 Legislation/regulation health service, residential care

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An Act to make provision in relation to the care of persons in certain residential facilities;
and for other purposes.

Part 1—Preliminary
1 Short title
3 Interpretation
4 Application of Act
5 Act to bind Crown
Part 2—General objects and principles
6 Objects of Act
7 Principles to be observed
Part 3—Administration
Division 1—General
8 Role of Minister
9 Role of councils
10 Licensing authorities
Division 2—The Supported Residential Facilities Advisory Committee
11 Establishment of the Committee
12 Appointment of presiding member
13 Conditions of office
14 Allowances and expenses
15 Procedures at meetings of the Committee
16 Conflict of interest under Public Sector (Honesty and Accountability) Act
17 Functions of the Committee
18 Annual report
Division 3—District Court
19 Appointment and selection of assessors
20 Associated provisions relating to exercise of jurisdiction by Court
Division 4—Authorised officers
21 Appointment of authorised officers
22 Powers of authorised officers
Supported Residential Facilities Act 1992—1.1.2012
Part 4—Licensing scheme
Division 1—General licensing provisions
23 Requirement to be licensed
24 Application for a licence
25 Matters to be considered in granting a licence
26 Term of licence
27 Application for renewal of a licence
28 Matters to be considered in renewing a licence
29 Licence conditions
30 Transfer and surrender of licences
31 Cancellation of licences
Division 2—Licensing appeals
32 Appeal against a decision or order
Division 3—Supplementary provisions
33 Existing facilities
34 Appointment of manager
35 Death of licensee
36 Display of notice
Part 5—Rights of residents
Division 1—Documentation
37 Prospectuses
38 Resident contracts
39 Rescission of resident contract by proprietor
40 Service plans
Division 2—Additional assistance
41 Extension of care
42 Extension of care—residential-only premises
Division 3—Settlement of disputes
43 Disputes etc
44 Right of appeal
45 Non-derogation
Part 6—Miscellaneous
46 Delegation of resident's rights
47 Attendance by health service providers etc
48 Orderly conduct about facilities etc
49 Complaints
50 No contracting out
51 Confidential information
52 Prosecutions
53 Continuing offences
54 Default notices
56 Indemnity fund
57 Regulations


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