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National Health Plan: Bermuda Health System Reform Strategy

Ministry of Health; Government of Bermuda Country Resources General Health Strategies and Plans Bermuda 30 November 2011 Policy document health service, health system, quality care

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The purpose of the National Health Plan 2011 is to reset the direction of Bermuda’s
health system. It lays the foundation to make healthcare more affordable and improve access
and quality

Health sector goals: There are eleven health sector goals that provide the road map for reform:

1. Universal access to basic health coverage shall be assured for all residents of Bermuda.
2. Basic health coverage shall include urgent physical and mental health care, hospitalization, primary care, preventive care, and health maintenance.
3. Health coverage contributions shall be affordable to all,to ensure equitable access to
4. Streamline use of overseas care to efficiently meet the needs of the population.
5. Mechanisms to pay healthcare providers shall ensure optimal quality to patients and
maximum efficiency to the healthcare system.
6. An integrated health IT system shall be established throughout the health sector to improve efficiency and quality.
7. Implement strategies to meet the healthcare needs of people with chronic illnesses, and
physical, cognitive and mental disabilities.
8. The quality of healthcare provision shall be monitored and regulated.
9. Bermuda’s health system shall be financed through the most cost-effective means available.
10. Introduction of health technology shall be regulated to ensure adequate level and mix of resources to efficiently meet the healthcare needs of the population.
11. Health professionals and organizations shall assure the promotion of healthy lifestyles and maintenance of health conditions


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