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Disability (Access to Premises — Buildings) Standards 2010

Government of Australia Country Resources disability, Disability Legislation Australia 1 May 2010 Legislation/regulation equality

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The objects of these Standards are:

(a) To ensure that dignified, equitable, cost-effective and reasonably achievable access to buildings, and facilities and services within buildings, is provided for people with a disability; and
(b) To give certainty to building certifiers, building developers and building managers that, if access to buildings is provided in accordance with these Standards, the provision of that access, to the extent covered by these Standards, will not be unlawful under the Act.

Part 1 Preliminary
1.1 Name of Standards 3
1.2 Commencement 3
1.3 Objects 3
1.4 Interpretation 3
Part 2 Scope of Standards
2.1 Buildings to which Standards apply 5
2.2 Persons to whom Standards apply 6
2.3 Actions to which Standards apply 7
2.4 Construction of Standards 7
Part 3 Requirements of Standards
3.1 Building certifiers, developers and managers to ensure buildings
comply with the Access Code 8
3.2 Compliance with Access Code 9
Part 4 Exceptions and concessions
4.1 Unjustifiable hardship 11
4.2 Acts done under statutory authority etc 12
4.3 Lessees 13
4.4 Lift concession 13
4.5 Toilet concession 13
Part 5 Commission exemptions
5.1 Commission may grant exemptions 14
5.2 Content of exemptions 14
5.3 Effect of exemption 15
5.4 Review of exemptions by Administrative Appeals Tribunal 15
5.5 Publication of notice of decision 15
Part 6 Review
6.1 Timetable for review 16
Schedule 1 Access Code for Buildings 17
Part A1 Interpretation 17
Part A2 Adoption of Standards etc 20
Part A3 Access Code — documents adopted by reference 22
Part A4 Building classifications 24
Part D Access and egress 26
Part D3 Access for people with a disability 28
Part D4 Braille and tactile signs 40
Part D5 Accessible water entry/exit for swimming pools 42
Part E3 Lift installations 45
Part F2 Sanitary and other facilities 48
Part H2 Public transport buildings


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