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Plano nacional de acção para a década africana das pessoas portadoras de deficiência 2006-2009 (National Plan of Action for the African Decade of Persons with Disabilities 2006-2009)

Cape Verde Country Resources disability, Disability Strategies and Plans Cape Verde December 2006 Policy document prevention, rehabilitation

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O presente plano apresenta-se estruturado em 6 partes:
Parte I - Procura contextualizar o processo de elaboracao do Plano de Accao no quadro dos objectivos da Década Africana das Pessoas Portadoras de Deficiencia, enquadrando-o igualmente no contexto geral de um pais, marcado pela pobreza e vulnerabilidade social, economica, de seguranca alimentar e ambiental.
Parte II - Caracteriza a situacao das pessoas portadoras de deficiencia no pais, com enfase na situacao da infancia e juventude.
Parte III - Tenta situar as respostas a situacao das pessoas portadoras de deficiencia no quadro das politicas sociais em curso, identificando os principais intervenientes tanto publico e organisamos internacionais, como privado e da sociedade civil na area de proteccao das pessoas portadoras de deficiencia, procurando analisar o impacto das diferentes accoes na melhoria das condicoes de vida das pessoas portadoras de deficiencia.
Parte IV - Identifica os objectivos e as estrategias conducentes a resolucao dos principais problemas que afectam as pessoas portadoras de deficiencia em conformidade com os objectivos proclamados para a Decada.
Parte V - Finalmente a ultima part refere-se ao quadro institucional de implementacao do programa, tentando definir os mecanismos institucionais de enquadramento, avancando algumas propostas de seguimento e avaliacao do programa e as estrategias de mobilizacao de recursos financeiros para a concretizacao dos objectivos propostos.

This plan is made of 6 parts :
Part I - Aligns the process of elaboration of the Action Plan with the objectives of the African Decade of Persons with Disabilities, whilst framing it in the general context of a country marked by poverty and social and economic, food and environmental insecurity.
Part II - Features the situation of disabled people in the country, with emphasis on the situation of children and youth.
Part III - Formulates responses to the situation of people with disabilities in the context of ongoing social policy, whilst identifying key stakeholders both public and private, as well as international organisations and civil society in the area of protection of people with disabilities and attempts to analyze the impact of various measures for the improvement of the living conditions of disabled people.
Part IV - Identifies objectives and strategies conducive to solving the key issues affecting people with disabilities in accordance with the objectives set forth for the Decade .
Part V - The last part refers to the institutional framework for implementing the program, attempts to define the institutional framework mechanisms, advancing some proposals for monitoring and evaluation of the program, as well as strategies for mobilizing financial resources to achieve the proposed objectives.


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