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Programul Naţional de Sănătate Mintală (National Programme for Mental Health)

Ministry of Health; Romania Country Resources Mental Health Strategies and Plans Romania 2007 Policy document mental health facility, mental health resources, mental health service, plan, rehabilitation

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1. Asigurarea continuitaii si cresterea accesibilitaii îngrijirilor de sanatate mintala prin dezvoltarea centrelor de sanatate mintala
2. Dezvoltarea competenelor profesionistilor de sanatate mintala prin programe de instruire si acces la informaii bazate pe dovezi
3. Fundamentarea politicilor de sanatate mintala prin implementarea unui sistem de monitorizare a serviciilor de sanatate mintala si de colectare a datelor în domeniul sanataii mintale
4. Cresterea calitaii serviciilor de sanatate mintala cu accent pe dezvoltarea activitailor de reabilitare psihosociala
5. Combaterea stigmatizarii persoanelor cu probleme de sanatate mintala
6. Reabilitarea spitalelor de psihiatrie

1. Ensuring continuity and increase the accessibility of mental health care by developing mental health centers
2. Development of mental health professionals' skills through training programs and access to evidence-based information
3. Mental health policy making by implementing a monitoring system for mental health services and data collection in the field of mental health
4. Improving the quality of mental health services with a focus on developing psychosocial rehabilitation activities
5. Combating stigma against people with mental health problems
6. Restoration of psychiatric hospitals


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