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제3차 국민건강증진종합계획 (National Health Plan 2020)

Ministry of Health and Welfare Government of the Republic of Korea Country Resources General Health Strategies and Plans Republic of Korea 22 July 2011 Policy document health promotion, public health

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제 3차 국민건강증진 종합계획 (Health Plan 2020)은 1995년 국민건강증진법이 개정된 이래 세번째로 시작된 계획임. 본 종합계획은 다음의 7가지 주요분야로 이루어짐: 총괄분과, 건강생활 실천확산, 만성 퇴행성질환과 발병위험 요인 관리, 감염질환 관리, 안전 환경보건, 인구집단 건강관리, 사업체계 관리.

본 3차 종합계획은 기본틀에 있어서 제 2차 국민건강종합계획 (Health Plan 2010)과 유사함. 그러나 본 3차 계획안은 공공보건의료종합대책, 농어촌 건강 및 복지 기본계획, 저출산 고령사회 기본계획, 청소년정책계획 등 보건복지부의 기타 관련 국가정책계획안들 또한 고려하여 작성함.

The National Health Plan 2020 (HP 2020) would be the third national health promotion plan ever launched since the national health promotion law was enacted in 1995. The HP 2020 included 7 focus areas; general section, healthy lifestyle section, chronic disease management section, infectious disease management section, safe environment section, population health care section, and system management section.

The HP 2020 shares a similar basic framework as the National Health Plan 2010. However, in the HP 2020, researchers took into consideration of other relevant national policy plans of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, such as the National Public Health Comprehensive Measure Plan, Health and Welfare Basic Plan for Farming Area and Fishing Village, Basic Policy Plan for Low Fertility & Aging Society, and Youth Policy Plan.


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