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Ārstniecības likums 1997 (Medical Treatment Law)

the Republic of Latvia The Parliament of the Republic of Latvia Country Resources General Health Legislation Latvia 1 October 1997 Legislation/regulation health service, health system, quality care

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Šā likuma mērķis ir regulēt sabiedriskās attiecības ārstniecībā, lai nodrošinātu slimību vai traumu kvalificētu profilaksi un diagnostiku, kā arī kvalificētu pacienta ārstēšanu un rehabilitāciju. Kā arī veselības aprūpes organizēšanas un finansēšanas kārtību, plānveida veselības aprūpes pakalpojumu saņemšanas pretendentu rindu veidošanas kārtību, to ārstniecības pakalpojumu veidus un apjomu, kuri tiek apmaksāti no valsts pamatbudžeta un pakalpojumu saņēmēju līdzekļiem, kā arī šīs samaksas kārtību nosaka Ministru kabinets. Sadaļa kas attiecas uz psihiskām slimībām, tai skaitā regulē nebrīvprātīgu hospitalizāciju ir: 65-69 pants

The purpose of this Law is to regulate public relationships in medical treatment in order to ensure qualified prophylaxis and diagnosis of diseases or injury, as well as qualified medical treatment and rehabilitation of patients. As well as the procedures for the organization and financing of health care, procedures for the establishment of queues of applicants for receipt of systematic health care services, the types and amounts of medical treatment services thereof, which are paid for from the State basic budget and from the resources of recipients of services, as well as the procedures for such payments shall be determined by the Cabinet. The part of the law that concerns psychiatric disorders, including the question of involuntary hospitalization is: articles 65 to 69.


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