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The Situation of Elderly People in Turkey and National Plan of Action on Ageing

State Planning Organization Country Resources Older Persons General Health Policies, Laws, Strategies & Plans, Service Standards Turkey 1 January 2007 Policy document elderly care, quality care

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This report has been drafted with the aim of serving as a starting point in the development and implementation of policies concerning the issue of ageing. The foundation of the studies that lead to this report was laid upon the “International Plan of Action on Ageing” prepared with the purpose of improving the quality of living for the elderly population, ensuring their social integration, resolving their sustenance and health problems and the formation of policies that encompass all age groups during the Second United Nations World Assembly on Ageing held in Madrid, Spain between 8 - 12 April 2002.

In this report, the current situation of the elderly people has been analyzed and the actions to be implemented concerning ageing have been established. The current situation analysis incorporated Turkey’s profile and demographic structure, analysis concerning the status and development of the elderly population, the services offered to elderly people, policies implemented and international commitments.

The section comprising the actions to be implemented includes current situation analyses on the topics of Elderly People and Development, Increasing of Health and Well Being at Old Age, Provision of Supportive Surroundings Offering Various Facilities to Elderly People and recommendations on these actions. The actions referred to in this report would only be enforceable through effective participation and sensitivity of all related parties. The report includes actions that would guide the related parties. Such action needs to be supported through programs and projects involving prioritization studies and detailed implementation plans.


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