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Preventing suicide: A global imperative

World Health Organization WHO Resources Suicide Prevention 4 September 2014 Report policy, public health, strategy

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This report is the first WHO publication of its kind and brings together what is known in a convenient form so that immediate actions can be taken. The report aims to increase the awareness of the public health significance of suicide and suicide attempts and to make suicide prevention a higher priority on the global public health agenda. It aims to encourage and support countries to develop or strengthen comprehensive suicide prevention strategies in a multisectoral public health approach.

Contents of this report include following:
- Global epidemiology of suicide and suicide attempts
- Risk and protective factors, and related interventions
- The current situation in suicide prevention
- Working towards a comprehensive national response for suicide prevention
- The way forward for suicide prevention
- Annex 1. Estimated numbers and rates of suicide by sex and age, 2000 and 2012
- Annex 2: WHO Member States grouped by WHO Region and average income per capita


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