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The Mental Disorders Act 1951

Republic of Zambia Country Resources Mental Health Legislation, Regulations and Implementation Guides Zambia 31 December 1951 Legislation/regulation mental health care, mental health treatment

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1. Short title
2. Interpretation
3. Application of Act to persons detained under previous written laws
4. Application of Act to warrants issued under previous written laws
5. Classification of mentally disordered and defective persons


6. Authority for detention of patients
7. Magistrate may order apprehension in certain cases
8. Officer may apprehend without warrant in certain cases
9. Inquiry into state of mind of patient
10. Magistrate may interrogate patient and must obtain certificate
11. Adjudication order
12. Procedure when no adjudication order made
13. Control orders
14. Removal out of Zambia
15. Detention during removal
16. Patient to remain in place to which removed


17. High Court jurisdiction
18. Investigation into estate
19. Powers of Registrar and Administrator-General


20. Discharge on certificate of sanity
21. Conditional release permit
22. Re-entry into Zambia of patient removed by warrant
23. Patients discharged in Southern Rhodesia


24. Amendment of orders and certificates
25. False statements, entries and wilful obstruction
26. Conniving at escape of patient
27. Failure to report on re-entering Zambia
28. Failure to comply with order
29. Penalties
30. Appeals
31. Husband, wife or relative may apply to Court for inquiry
32. Limitations of actions by patients
33. Return of records to Court
34. Place of, admittance to and powers of hearing
35. Cost of maintenance of patients
36. Medical certificates evidence of certain facts
37. Visitation of patients
38. Reference in written laws to lunatics
39. Regulations


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