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Decreto n.º 21/82

Angola Cabinet Council Country Resources disability, Disability Legislation Angola 22 April 1982 Legislation/regulation

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O Decreto orienta que 2% das vagas dos postos de trabalho devem ser reservadas às pessoas com deficiência. No âmbito da sua aplicação, as entidades empregadoras, quer públicas, quer privadas, devem absorver Pessoas com Deficiência nos seus quadros de pessoal, criando postos de trabalho adequados à condição do trabalhador deficiente, respeitando as normas e medidas de higiene e segurança.

The decree declares that two percent of job vacancies in both the public and private sectors should be reserved for people with disabilities. Under the framework provided by the decree, employers, whether from state institutions or private businesses, are instructed to absorb people with disabilities into their staff complements. They are also expected to create working conditions that accommodate the requirements of their particular disabilities and comply with the norms of hygiene and safety.


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