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National Mental Health Plan Guyana, 2005 - 2015

Ministry of Health; Guyana Country Resources Mental Health Strategies and Plans Guyana 1 January 2005 Policy document plan

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In Guyana, the National Health Plan 2003–2007 notes that mental health issues are a major contributor to morbidity and poverty and have been identified as a priority area for action. The recent floods underscored the urgent need for attention on mental health issues, starting with clear policy guidelines that address the existing health infrastructure so that longer-term sustainable solutions can be put in place. The development of the National Mental Health Plan for Guyana is an attempt to move forward in an area where it has been very difficult to make significant progress. Consistent with trends in the developing world, mental health issues have previously not been prioritized, and there have been limited financial and human resources in Guyana to adequately tackle the problem.


1.1 Key mental health issues

1.1.1 Stigma and disadvantage

1.3.2 Interface between mental distress and mental disorders

1.3.3 Substance abuse

1.3.4 Community integration

1.3.5 Prevention and health promotion

1.3.6 Resource constraints


2.1 Demographic profile of country

2.2 Existing health system

2.3 Mental health situation


3.1 Formulation of Guyana’s National Mental Health Plan

3.2 Vision for mental health

3.3 Mission statement

3.4 Mental health objectives

3.5 Policy Guidelines

3.5.1 Services

3.5.2 Equity

3.5.3 Evidence

3.6 Mental Health Strategic Plan

3.7 Action Plan

3.8 Next steps



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