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Transforming Health: Accelerating Attainment of Universal Health Coverage. Kenya Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan (KHSSPI) July 2013-June 2017.

Ministry of Health, Kenya Country Resources General Health Strategies and Plans Kenya 1 July 2014 Policy document investment, policy, strategy

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The development of the Kenya Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan 2013-2017 is guided by the Kenya‟s Vision 2030. It acknowledges that improved health is a critical driver to the achievement of this vision. Kenya‟s Vision 2030 aims to transform Kenya into a globally competitive and prosperous country with a high quality of life by 2030” by transforming the country from a third world country into an industrialized, middle income country. The strategic also plan mirrors the aspirations of the Constitution 2010 which guarantees the highest attainable standard of health as a right while devolving governance to ensure improved service delivery, greater accountability, improved citizen participation and equity in the distribution of resources. The plan is further guided by the Kenya Health Policy 2012-2030 which targets to attain a level and distribution of health commensurate with that of a middle income country, through attainment of specific health impact targets. The plan has been developed using a consultative approach involving all the key stakeholders in the health sector, while taking cognizance of all new actors under a devolved system of governance. It includes key recommendations from the end term review of the National Health Sector Strategic Plan (NHSPII), and takes into account evidence from emerging health trends, and global priorities. These recommendations have guided prioritization of interventions for implementation during this strategic plan.

The strategic plan provides the Health Sector Medium Term focus, objectives and priorities to enable it move towards attainment of the health goals described in the constitutional and strategic imperatives mentioned above. It provides a detailed description of health outcomes to be sought, priority health investments necessary to achieve the outcomes, resource implications and financing strategy, and the organizational frameworks required to implement the plan.

The Ministry of Health is thankful to its staff, partners and other health stakeholders who contributed to various efforts in shaping the development of this plan. The Ministry is also committed to the full realization of this plan. It has developed a robust monitoring framework to track the achievement of milestones in a way that is responsive and accountable to the health needs to Kenyan people. We look forward to working collaboratively across the national and county governments, partners and all other stakeholders to ensure successful implementation.


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