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Building on Strengths: A Mental Health Promotion Strategy

Ministry of Health New Zealand Country Resources Mental Health Strategies and Plans New Zealand 2 December 2002 Policy document mental health promotion

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The Ministry of Health is pleased to provide the Mental Health Promotion Strategy. The document, Building on Strengths is the culmination of a two year period of sector engagement, with over 200 individuals and organisations.

Building on Strengths establishes a platform for continued improvements in mental health and well being for all New Zealanders over the next five years and outlines the way in which mental health promotion can contribute to a wide range of sectoral health-promoting agendas and policy priorities. The framework identifies key directions and opportunities including, goals and action streams that the health sector can support to achieve improved mental health outcomes.

Building on Strengths further seeks to promote health and contribute to a reduction in inequalities by enhancing the mental health and well being of people who are affected by their socio-economic status or who are vulnerable as a result of their social isolation. It builds on the good work already being done throughout the country at local, regional and national levels.

The priority actions outlined by the strategy document focus on:

strengthening individuals by increasing resiliency through programmes that promote coping skills
building community cohesiveness through activities that make them safer, and
reducing structural barriers to mental health through partnerships to improve access to conditions that promote positive mental health, such as education, meaningful employment and suitable housing.
It is intended that this strategy will support the development and implementation of programmes and information dissemination activities, aimed at promoting the achievement of “maximum levels of positive mental health and well-being”.


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