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Canada Health Act (Loi canadienne sur la santé)

Government of Canada Minister of Justice Country Resources General Health Legislation Canada 17 June 2020 Legislation/regulation department of health, health system

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WHEREAS the Parliament of Canada recognizes:
—that it is not the intention of the Government of Canada that any of the powers, rights, privileges or authorities vested in Canada or the provinces under the provisions of the Constitution Act, 1867, or any amendments thereto, or otherwise, be by reason of this Act abrogated or derogated from or in any way impaired;
—that Canadians, through their system of insured health services, have made outstanding progress in treating sickness and alleviating the consequences of disease and disability among all income groups;
—that Canadians can achieve further improvements in their well-being through combining individual lifestyles that emphasize fitness, prevention of disease and health promotion with collective action against the social, environmental and occupational causes of disease, and that they desire a system of health services that will promote physical and mental health and protection against disease;
—that future improvements in health will require the cooperative partnership of governments, health professionals, voluntary organizations and individual Canadians;
—that continued access to quality health care without financial or other barriers will be critical to maintaining and improving the health and well-being of Canadians;
AND WHEREAS the Parliament of Canada wishes to encourage the development of health services throughout Canada by assisting the provinces in meeting the costs thereof;

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