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Somalia Social Protection Policy

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Government of Somalia Country Resources Development and Poverty Strategies Somalia March 2019 Policy document development, social development

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The Federal Government of Somalia defines social protection as “government-led policies and programs, which address predictable needs throughout the life cycle in order to protect all groups, and particularly the poor and vulnerable, against shocks, help them to manage risks, and provide them with opportunities to overcome poverty, vulnerability, and exclusion”.

This document, the National Social Protection Policy for Somalia, describes the background, justification, vision, overall policy objectives, and implementing strategies for a gradual transition to a nationally owned social protection system in Somalia. It outlines priority actions for the FGS and its Somalia Social Protection Policy – March 2019 5 development partners for the five years beginning in 2019, followed by a second phase from 2023 to 2040.

Section 2 outlines the need for social protection in Somalia, including a summary of the poverty and vulnerability context in the country, the importance of social protection to reducing poverty and vulnerability, developing human capacity, building resilience, and ensuring equality. Section 2 also describes experiences with cash-based social transfers in Somalia and prioritises vulnerable groups for social protection interventions. Section 3 is an overview of the institutional and programmatic context for social protection in Somalia. Section 4 describes the vision and objectives of the policy and the policy priorities in Phase I (2019– 2023), which focuses on system and capacity strengthening, and Phase II (to 2040). The vision and objectives align with the government’s National Development Plan 2017–2018. The policy will be reviewed at the end of Phase I and actions for Phase II further elaborated, in accordance with the evolving context, evidence, and experiences from Phase I and new data. Section 5 details the systems and coordination structures required to implement the policy.


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