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Law on Child Protection, Care and Education

The National Assembly; Socialist Republic of Vietnam (2004)

Viet Nam, Child Rights Legislation

Mental Health Policy

Ministry of Health, Zambia (2004)

Zambia, Mental Health Policies

National Youth Policy

Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica; Youth Development Division (2004)

Dominica, Child and Youth General Policies, Laws, Strategies & Plans, Service Standards

Protection of Rights of Persons With Disabilities (Amendment) Act

Government of Sri Lanka; Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (2003)

Sri Lanka, Disability Legislation

Закон о заштитнику људских права и слобода (Law on the Protection of Human Rights and Freedom)

Влада Црне Горе (Government of Montenegro); Република Црна Гора (Republic of Montenegro) (2003)

Montenegro, Human Rights Legislation

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